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Looking for some family fun to start off the new year? Then the Museum of Science and Industry is the place for you! There are tons of exciting events and exhibits for everyone to enjoy!

Some popular exhibits going on now, include the following.

Smart Home: Green + Wired (ends January 9, 2011)

This “Smart Home” is a fully functioning, eco-friendly environment perfect for anyone looking to GoGreen. Some of the highlights include the great spaces for entertaining guests, and an awesome home office. The home fully embodies the natural elements and harmony with the earth. This is a must-see exhibit for individuals who are looking for a smarter, more efficient, and in tune with the environment kind of place.

Jim Henson’s Fantastic World (ends January 23, 2011)

Peek into the imagination of the creator of some of our favorite childhood friends including Kermit the frog, Big Bird, and Miss Piggy. This exhibit features original drawings, cartoons, and storyboards by Jim Henson. Also, view the famous puppets themselves and enjoy fun hands-on activities.

Christmas Around the World and Holiday of Lights (ends January 9, 2011)

This exhibit is 69 years old and includes dozens of decorated trees for everyone’s enjoyment. It features holiday singers and dancers, as well as a 45-foot Grand Tree covered with more than 30,000 twinkling lights. All the trees were decorated by volunteers from Chicago’s ethnic communities to represent the various cultures and holiday traditions.

To purchase tickets and find out more about the exhibits be sure to check out the Museum of Science and Industry today. Some exhibits are closing soon, so hurry and get there before they’re gone!


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