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Monthly Archives: February 2011

What are your big Valentine’s Day plans? Don’t have any yet? Well here’s an idea. Tonight, at The Field Museum in Chicago, people will gather to enjoy an electric ensemble of performances at the All Need Love Festival!

Headliners for the evening include DJ Flipper Dalton and Chicago’s own roots ensemble, Funkadesi, lead a robust, all-star roster of beat-making and thought-provoking entertainers and thinkers. Musical performances include artists such as The Bandoleros, M. Sylvia, DJ Dani Deahl, and several others. Other entertainment for the evening includes Improv entertainers The Second City, and Lior Suchard. and best selling author Yehuda Berg.

Tickets for this event are advance purchase only, so purchase your now!All ticket holders will be entered to win a trip to the Greek island of Santorini, and a $500 Lester Lampert gift card. Also, a portion of the evenings proceeds will benefit the Success For Kids Foundation.

To find out more about all this evenings activities, tickets, performaces, and exhibits, check out the Love Festival now! Tonight’s celebration is one you won’t want to miss!


Over the past few days, one of the worst snowstorms in history swept across the nation and hit some major cities big time. Chicago, among others experienced several feet of snow in some areas. This storm is said to be the third largest on record.

Not only did many businesses and services close their doors to wait out the storm, but area schools and large universities canceled classes as well. The massive amounts of snow, left thousands of people without power, and hundreds became stranded and were forced to leave their cars.  Thousands of flights were canceled at both O’Hare and Midway, and train services were at a standstill as well.

Although everyone’s sights are set on spring, the snow isn’t done yet. Here are some winter weather survival tips to keep in mind.

Simple Guidelines

-Listen to your radio, or watch your TV for constant weather updates.

-Keep your residence cooler than normal to conserve fuel.

-Eat and drink regularly, but avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Driving Safety

-Remain in your vehicle where rescue squads are most likely to find you.

-Turn on the inside light at night so rescuers can see you.

-Pull off the highway and turn on your hazard lights.

-Take turns sleeping. One person should be awake at all times.

Severe weather is nothing to mess around with. There have been seven reported deaths from winter weather, and several injuries. Be sure to always stay updated on the latest news reports, and stay safe. For more helpful winter tips check out Do’s and Don’ts on Handling a Severe Storm.