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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Is New Years Eve your favorite holiday of the year? Are you sad that you have to wait another 340 days to celebrate again? Well, fear not, because the Chinese New Year celebration has arrived!

On January 29, the 2012 Chinese New Year Parade will celebrate the “The Year of the Dragon,” and march through the heart of Chicago’s Chinatown. This vibrant parade features marching bands, elaborately decorated floats, lion dance teams, the winner of the Miss Friendship Ambassador Pageant and a 100-foot long mystical paper dragon made of silk, paper and bamboo. This year’s parade is special because it also kicks off the celebrations for Chinatown’s Centennial (1912-2012)!

Celebrate the Lunar New Year, and check out Chicago’s Chinatown for more information on the Chinese New Year Parade. Kung hei fat choi! Congratulations and be prosperous.


The month of January can only mean one thing: SNOW! Don’t plan on hibernating at home on the weekend of January 27-29—instead, bundle up and head on down to Chicago’s Navy Pier and enjoy Snow Days Chicago.

With an abundance of activities going on, adults and children alike will find something to enjoy. View professionals from around the world compete to create the most jaw-dropping snow sculptures; observe young snowboarders demonstrate their professional skills as they jump and twist on a full-size rail and ramp at the Snowboard Rail Jam; and watch Dog Sled Racing and Weight Pulling Demonstrations. You can even pet the lovable pups when they’re on break! Kids can also enjoy interactive activities like ice bowling, basketball, hockey, football and snow painting.

But wait! Your weather app doesn’t call for snow, you say? No need to worry! The city of Chicago will make some! So when it starts to fall, don’t scowl at that “dreaded white stuff.” Instead, celebrate it at Chicago’s winter wonderland! Discover more about Snow Days Chicago today!

We live on land every day. Explore a different world and “dive” into Shedd Aquarium’s magical, colorful and mysterious world of sea jellies!

With over ten different species of these translucent creatures throughout the exhibit, guests will learn fascinating facts like how a single jelly can devour enough food to double its weight each day; how their bodies are 95% water and their feeding arms can grow up to eight feet long; how drifting with a current, they travel thousands of miles; and how the tiniest jelly could cozy up into a contact lens, while the largest couldn’t even fit in an entire minivan.

With the incorporation of videos in its lifestyle display and illuminations of their simple yet captivating bodies, the Jellies exhibit is a treat for the eyes. They may have been exploring the depths of the world’s oceans for millions of years, but will only be visible for a limited time in Shedd Aquarium.

To find out more about the Jellies exhibit, check out Shedd Aquarium today!

Are you a die-hard Cubs fan? Well the Cubs Convention is perfect for you! Come hang out with current and former Cubs players and other fans who are as die-hard as you!

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, January 13-15, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and talk with some of your favorite Cubs players. You’ll also have access to all the exhibit halls which include autograph and photo sessions, question and answer seminars and memorabilia and vendor booths.

The convention will be located at the Hilton Chicago located at 720 S Michigan Avenue, and passes are $60 each. Passes can be purchased at or by calling 1-800-THE-CUBS. All proceeds from the convention benefit Chicago Cubs Charities. To date, the convention has raised nearly $4 million.

To get a full list of Cubs attending and the weekend schedule be sure to check out today! This is one convention you won’t want to miss!