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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Spring is here! It’s time to stop hiding from the cold weather and embrace the sunshine, warmer temperatures and the beautiful scenery of Chicago! And what’s a better way to enjoy springtime in the city than taking a river cruise and gazing at the picturesque architecture?

Come aboard Chicago’s First Lady, and take The Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF) River Cruise. This 90-minute tour provides an overview of historic and modern architectural styles and includes many stories about the people who designed and built the city of Chicago. CAF certified docents will interpret more than 50 buildings along the Chicago River and teach both tourists and locals how the city grew from a small back-country outpost into one of the world’s most important crossroads in less than 100 years.

Chicago is known for its world-class architecture, and there is no better way to see it than on The Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise!


You don’t have to travel all the way to Egypt or South America to discover the mysterious world of mummies. Chicago’s Field Museum presents Opening the Vaults: Mummies, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the public to view over 20 mummified human and animal bodies from Egypt and Peru.

Take an up-close look at the mummies—including one of the oldest mummies in the world! Many have not been on display for over a century and are being shown in their original 19th century display cases.

Visitors can also investigate the origins of Egyptian mummification practices; discover why mummification wasn’t only for royal Egyptians; examine the different cultural groups’ funerary customs; check out stone tools from the earliest mummy-making cultures in the deserts of Chili; get a virtual view beneath the wrappings of the Egyptian and South American mummies via CT scans, and find out what these scans reveal about age, sex and health of these individuals.

The exhibit’s last day is Sunday, April 22, so head to The Field Museum this weekend!

“By studying the preserved remains of ancient peoples we can learn more about their lives. By using modern scanning technology, we have uncovered a wealth of new information without damaging the specimens in any way. We can now see pathologies such as injured bones and distorted or missing teeth. Evidence such as this tells us a great deal about the health of individuals.” -Robert D. Martin, A. Watson Armour III Curator of Biological Anthropology at The Field Museum.

Baseball season may have kicked off last week, but the excitement for a home opener is still alive in the South Side of Chicago!

After being away at Texas last week during the MLB season opener, The Chicago White Sox will play their first game at home, U.S. Cellular Field, on Friday, April 13, against The Detroit Tigers.

Grammy award-winning rapper, actor and South Side of Chicago native, COMMON will throw out a ceremonial first pitch, while Academy of Country Music award winner, Jack Ingram will perform the National Anthem.

So put on your favorite baseball cap, buy yourself a Chicago dog and a bag of peanuts and take yourself out to the ball game!

For ticket information or more information on the 2012 White Sox schedule, check out the official Chicago White Sox website.

Play ball!