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There are a lot of factors that come together to give a city its individual personality. The skyline, people, location, culture and countless other attributes combine to create a city’s unique atmosphere. There’s definitely a lot to be said about a city that boasts impressive architecture or is known as a cultural hotspot, but one of the most underrated yet appealing characteristics a city possesses is its food!

Here in Chicago we have a diverse cuisine to be proud of, and it’s not all about pizza!  That’s why Taste of Chicago exists. Taste of Chicago is a food festival where a wide range of restaurants from the city come together to give people a true taste of what the city’s food is really all about.

This year Taste of Chicago begins on June 24th and goes through July 3rd, and will take place in Grant Park. Admission to the event is free, although food vendors will be selling special “taste of” items at two dollars or less ensuring that event goers can sample Chicago’s foods without spending too much money. If you want to get the full experience plan on attending multiple days though because a whopping 59 restaurants will be participating this year!

Besides food, Taste of Chicago will be featuring musical acts, to help give a good sound track to your tasting pleasure. Chef demonstrations, family activities including games and crafts, also make up some of the additional non-eating activities during the event.  There will even be a 5K Run so you can burn off some of the calories you are sure to consume during the festival!


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