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Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy and Peppermint Patty—when you hear these names, does your head automatically start playing the Peanuts theme song on the piano?

For nearly 50 years, Charles Schulz wrote and drew each Peanuts strip that appeared in daily and Sunday newspapers. And today, the Peanuts are known as “the most popular and influential in the history of the comic strip.”

From now until February 18, 2013, take a step back in time and learn how these beloved cartoon characters came to be at the Museum of Science and Industry’s newest exhibit, “Charlie Brown and the Great Exhibit.”

According to the Museum of Science and Industry, the exhibit “explores Schulz’s personal history and his role as the sole inspiration and artistic talent behind Peanuts and its unique cast of characters. Through original cartoons, as well as reproductions and related Peanuts memorabilia, you will see how characters like Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Lucy were developed and how they evolved over decades in print and popular culture…”

There are tons of Peanuts-themed activities throughout the exhibit:

  • Walk through a recreation of Schulz’s Santa Rosa, California studio.
  • Take a Peanuts tour of holidays—Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day—celebrated so famously by these characters.
  • Enter the recreation of Snoopy’s doghouse interior—which was never shown in the strip—to see the eclectic belongings of this unique dog.
  • Tap out a tune with your feet on Schroeder’s oversized grand piano.
  • Color the Peanuts gang with digital crayon.
  • Create your own animation and have it brought to life in a zoetrope.


This is an exhibit that all kids and adults alike will enjoy. For more information, check out the Museum of Science and Industry!

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You don’t have to travel all the way to Egypt or South America to discover the mysterious world of mummies. Chicago’s Field Museum presents Opening the Vaults: Mummies, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the public to view over 20 mummified human and animal bodies from Egypt and Peru.

Take an up-close look at the mummies—including one of the oldest mummies in the world! Many have not been on display for over a century and are being shown in their original 19th century display cases.

Visitors can also investigate the origins of Egyptian mummification practices; discover why mummification wasn’t only for royal Egyptians; examine the different cultural groups’ funerary customs; check out stone tools from the earliest mummy-making cultures in the deserts of Chili; get a virtual view beneath the wrappings of the Egyptian and South American mummies via CT scans, and find out what these scans reveal about age, sex and health of these individuals.

The exhibit’s last day is Sunday, April 22, so head to The Field Museum this weekend!

“By studying the preserved remains of ancient peoples we can learn more about their lives. By using modern scanning technology, we have uncovered a wealth of new information without damaging the specimens in any way. We can now see pathologies such as injured bones and distorted or missing teeth. Evidence such as this tells us a great deal about the health of individuals.” -Robert D. Martin, A. Watson Armour III Curator of Biological Anthropology at The Field Museum.

We live on land every day. Explore a different world and “dive” into Shedd Aquarium’s magical, colorful and mysterious world of sea jellies!

With over ten different species of these translucent creatures throughout the exhibit, guests will learn fascinating facts like how a single jelly can devour enough food to double its weight each day; how their bodies are 95% water and their feeding arms can grow up to eight feet long; how drifting with a current, they travel thousands of miles; and how the tiniest jelly could cozy up into a contact lens, while the largest couldn’t even fit in an entire minivan.

With the incorporation of videos in its lifestyle display and illuminations of their simple yet captivating bodies, the Jellies exhibit is a treat for the eyes. They may have been exploring the depths of the world’s oceans for millions of years, but will only be visible for a limited time in Shedd Aquarium.

To find out more about the Jellies exhibit, check out Shedd Aquarium today!

‘Tis the season…almost. The holiday season is getting close and the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry wants to share the Christmas spirit!

Opening November 17, the museum’s Christmas Around the World and Holidays of Light exhibit is sure to delight both young and old with this spectacular display of holiday cheer. The halls will be decked and the exhibit will feature the traditional 45-foot Grand Tree in the Rotunda along with 50 unique and culturally appointed trees.

When taking a stroll through this winter wonderland, join in singing cheerful carols with holiday singers and dancers while enjoying the softly falling “snow”. Throughout the season visit the Holiday Stage on weekends at the museum to watch ethnic song and dance performances and learn more about holiday celebrations from around the world. During the week, local school choral groups will perform holiday favorites. All Christmas Around the World and Holidays of Light performances are included in the price of general admission.

To find out more about this incredible exhibit, including a list of events, make sure to visit the museum’s official site! Don’t forget to visit our Facebook as well for more Chicago fun!

What are your big Valentine’s Day plans? Don’t have any yet? Well here’s an idea. Tonight, at The Field Museum in Chicago, people will gather to enjoy an electric ensemble of performances at the All Need Love Festival!

Headliners for the evening include DJ Flipper Dalton and Chicago’s own roots ensemble, Funkadesi, lead a robust, all-star roster of beat-making and thought-provoking entertainers and thinkers. Musical performances include artists such as The Bandoleros, M. Sylvia, DJ Dani Deahl, and several others. Other entertainment for the evening includes Improv entertainers The Second City, and Lior Suchard. and best selling author Yehuda Berg.

Tickets for this event are advance purchase only, so purchase your now!All ticket holders will be entered to win a trip to the Greek island of Santorini, and a $500 Lester Lampert gift card. Also, a portion of the evenings proceeds will benefit the Success For Kids Foundation.

To find out more about all this evenings activities, tickets, performaces, and exhibits, check out the Love Festival now! Tonight’s celebration is one you won’t want to miss!

Looking for some family fun to start off the new year? Then the Museum of Science and Industry is the place for you! There are tons of exciting events and exhibits for everyone to enjoy!

Some popular exhibits going on now, include the following.

Smart Home: Green + Wired (ends January 9, 2011)

This “Smart Home” is a fully functioning, eco-friendly environment perfect for anyone looking to GoGreen. Some of the highlights include the great spaces for entertaining guests, and an awesome home office. The home fully embodies the natural elements and harmony with the earth. This is a must-see exhibit for individuals who are looking for a smarter, more efficient, and in tune with the environment kind of place.

Jim Henson’s Fantastic World (ends January 23, 2011)

Peek into the imagination of the creator of some of our favorite childhood friends including Kermit the frog, Big Bird, and Miss Piggy. This exhibit features original drawings, cartoons, and storyboards by Jim Henson. Also, view the famous puppets themselves and enjoy fun hands-on activities.

Christmas Around the World and Holiday of Lights (ends January 9, 2011)

This exhibit is 69 years old and includes dozens of decorated trees for everyone’s enjoyment. It features holiday singers and dancers, as well as a 45-foot Grand Tree covered with more than 30,000 twinkling lights. All the trees were decorated by volunteers from Chicago’s ethnic communities to represent the various cultures and holiday traditions.

To purchase tickets and find out more about the exhibits be sure to check out the Museum of Science and Industry today. Some exhibits are closing soon, so hurry and get there before they’re gone!