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Visit Broughton Hotels of Chicago’s Facebook to upload your best photo and vote!




Check out Broughton’s Facebook to upload your best photo and vote!

Calling all ghouls, ghosts and witches! Trick or Suite is back by popular demand and we can’t wait for the “treat” of seeing this year’s spook-tacular costumes!

Trick or Suite is a Halloween costume contest that will run October 20-November 7; so don’t wait to upload your favorite Halloween pictures of you in costume to our Facebook. The photo with the most “like” votes on Facebook will win a complimentary two-night stay in one of our suites (either City Suites or the Majestic). If your picture is a group shot, make sure to tag everyone and remember that to win, everyone must be a Facebook fan of Broughton Hotels of Chicago.

Last year’s winner, Erin Goodridge, won the grand prize with 303 votes for her Mario and Luigi photo! To win big, keep Trick or Suite in mind, and make sure to check out our Facebook for updates!

Be sure to check out our Facebook page to upload your photo and vote! Good luck to everyone!

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and although it is usually characterized by fireworks, overeating, parades and family get-togethers, it’s important to remember what the holiday is really about.

On Independence day we are celebrating the birth of our nation, the anniversary of the creation of the land of the free and the home of the brave!

In honor of the greatest country in the world, we here at Broughton Hotels of Chicago have decided to do our best to help support those who defend it.

Though it’s a small gesture, we believe that sending letters to the troops telling them how much we appreciate and support them can make a big difference. So give our young men and women overseas some love from home. Now through July 8th  we are collecting letters, cards and pictures to send to our troops.

On our Facebook page you can see an album of people who have already sent their messages! For more information on where to send your mail, check out the Help Support Our Troops tab. 

Earlier this month, we asked the fans of Broughton Hotels of Chicago to brag about their moms.

Via Facebook, we asked our friends to post something (including—but not limited to—a story, picture, or video) on our Facebook page telling the world why their moms are so great.

What’s the catch, you ask?

There’s no catch. We just love moms. To celebrate the one day of the year where mothers across the country get the recognition they deserve, we offered a free two-night stay at one of the Broughton Hotels of Chicago and two free tickets to the Field Museum!

The winner of the contest was determined by the number of “likes” the post received on Facebook. The entry with the most votes by the time the contest ended on May 12th was submitted by Matthew Ausmann, whose post gathered 68 votes. Here’s what Matthew had to say about his mom:

My mom is Jesus’ homegirl. She makes the Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” seem like a boring idiot. The Angry Birds are angry because they’ve never met my mom. My mom is the one who bit the Apple logo. She knows several words that rhyme with “orange” and champions eat Wheaties because my mom once ate Wheaties.

Congratulations, Matthew! We at Broughton Hotels of Chicago wish your mom the happiest of Mother’s Days and safe travels to the Windy City.

Fill your pot with lots of coins to make it cling and clang,

Share with friends an Irish jig, or an Irish song you’ve sang.

Answer questions, wear lots of green, you never really know,

If that leprechaun is around the corner and what he’s bound to show.

Take on each challenge and let us see all the hard work you’ve done,

Tell your friends to “like” your posts, and who knows, you might be the one!

Whip out your luck and get ready to play,

Because this is our St. Patty’s giveaway!

How to win:
-“Like” Broughton Hotels of Chicago on Facebook
-Participate in daily challenges, activities, and trivia posted by Broughton on their wall each day. Point values will be assigned for each activity in order for all participants to earn gold coins
-For each “like” a person receives for their posts, an additional gold coin will be rewarded (1 like=1 gold coin)
-The top participant who has earned the most gold coins by March 17, 2011 will be the winner

Giveaway Overview:
-Prize is a complimentary 2-nights stay in one of our suites (at City Suites, the Willows, or the Majestic)
-Broughton Hotels of Chicago executive team will keep track of entrants Gold scores, and award four winners on Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 12 noon Chicago time

-The giveaway runs from 3/1/11 – 3/17/11
-Winners must be Facebook fans of Broughton
-Winners must respond and book their suite within 30 days
-Prize must be redeemed by 3/17/2012
-Some blackout dates apply

A special congratulations to Erin Goodridge, the winner of our Trick-or-Suite costume contest! Your Mario and Luigi picture earned an incredible 303 “likes” on Facebook! Thanks to all who entered, it was a blast! Be sure to stay updated for more Facebook contests coming soon!

For all those who entered but didn’t win, we’d still love to see you soon! Broughton Hotels are great places to stay in the city!

From hip to historic, Broughton hotels are loaded with style. Three of these original boutique hotels are located just a few miles apart in downtown Chicago. The city offers such diverse cultural venues, that there truly is something for everyone. Enjoying all the sites, sounds, and tastes of the city is a must, but staying at a Broughton Hotel will only sweeten your city experience.

The first of these boutique hotels is the City Suites Hotel. It has a sophisticated style, an alluring ambiance, and striking visual details. It offers business and leisure travelers the most remarkable service and highly regarded amenities. City Suites is distinguished by its beautiful Art Deco and period furnishings.

The Majestic Hotel is one of the most superb hotels in all of Chicago. It is located in a quite residential neighborhood, across from the Lake Michigan lakefront. This property offers a harmonious atmosphere of an English countryside estate. The energetic city life is located only a few miles away, but you would never know it by the poster beds and tapestry furnishings located in all guestrooms.

The last of the Chicago hotels is The Willows Hotel. It is located in the heart of the Lincoln Park/Lakeview neighborhood, and is surrounded by numerous dining and shopping attractions. It features 19th century French furnishings and patterned wall coverings that put this boutique hotel in a class of its own.

Broughton Hospitality is committed to unparalleled value for its guests by providing outstanding customer service while respecting their associates and the communities they serve. If Broughton sounds like the place for you, be sure to check out Broughton Hospitality today!

The Trick-or-Suite Facebook Contest is still underway. If you didn’t get the chance to upload your Halloween photo, don’t worry you can still be a part of the contest! For the next week, voting will take place to select the winner. Cast your vote by going to Broughton Hospitality, and “Liking” your favorite costume. The picture with the must number of “Likes” wins!

To help spice up the witches’ brew, we need a little help from you.

Whether you’ll be going as a ghost, a witch, or a skeleton,

we want to be included in your Halloween fun.

We’re giving away a free suite in the city

if you didn’t play along it sure would be a pity.

Upload your holiday photo to our Facebook wall,

then we’ll get to experience all the fun you had this Fall.

A night with us filled with sights, shopping and eats,

will probably end up being one of your best Halloween treats!

Giveaway overview:
• This is a Halloween Costume Contest
• Prize is a complimentary 2-night stay in one of our suites (at either City Suites or the Majestic).
• Broughton Hotels Chicago executive committee will select and announce the contest Favorite Five on Tuesday  11/2/2010 (so don’t wait to upload your Halloween pictures).
• The winning photo will be whichever Favorite Five picture has gotten the most “like” votes as of noon on Tuesday, November 9, 2010. We need your to help, please “like” the picture(s) you feel should win. And encourage your friends and family to do the same.

How to win:
“Like” Broughton Hotels of Chicago on Facebook
• Click attach photo, under the grey “What’s on your mind?” box.  Upload your favorite Halloween photo onto our Facebook wall.
• Tag all friends in the photo, and tell them to “like” us as well. In order to win, you must be our Facebook fan.
• Make sure your friends and family members “like” the photo you’re submitting. The winning photo will be whichever Favorite Five picture has gotten the most “like” votes as of noon on Tuesday, November 9, 2010.

• The contest runs 10/21/2010 – 11/9/2010
• Winners must be Facebook fans of Broughton Hotels of Chicago
• Winners must respond and book their suite within 30 days
• Prize must be redeemed by 11/9/2012
• Some blackout dates apply